Terms & conditions for Sopley Lake Bell Tent Camp

All bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions. If you pay a deposit you are agreeing to Forest Yurts Events Ltd terms and conditions as set out below. By requesting a booking you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. Please note we do not cater for Stag events.


'Company' means Forest Yurts Events Ltd (trading as Forest Bell Tents), Company No. 08620203, Registered Address: 22 Fawcett Rd, New Milton, Hants BH25 6SU

'Hirer' is the person hiring the equipment from the company.

'Equipment' is the bell tent(s) and other materials specified in the invoice and nothing else.

'Period of hire' is the period between completing the set up of the bell tent(s) and the dismantling.

'Hire charge' is the amount payable by the hirer to the company as specified on the invoice.

'Invoice' is the form issued by the company to the hirer requesting payment of the hire charge and containing details of the equipment and period of hire.

1. Introduction

The hirer who makes the booking must be one of the guests who stays. She or he must be over 18 years old. This person is responsible for making sure that the terms of booking are adhered to.

Each bell tent has a maximum occupancy number, which you must stick to.

We reserve the right to refuse a booking, but of course treat everyone equally and fairly.

We strongly recommend that you have holiday insurance. Your insurance should cover all risks including cancellation, accident, breakdown, loss or damage to personal property.

Forest Yurts Events Ltd shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or members of your party.

2. The Company Undertakes:

1. To ensure the camp is ready for your use before the set up date as shown on the invoice.

3. Hirer Obligations:

1. The hirer shall use the equipment only for its proper purpose and in a safe and correct manner. Any loss, theft or damage must be reported immediately to the company.

2. The hirer is not authorised to repair, alter or add to the equipment without the consent of the company.

3. The hirer or any third parties, shall not enter the equipment while it is being erected or dismantled.

4. The hirer shall not tamper with any structure or any part of the equipment and, in particular, not affix or suspend any items from the equipment without prior written consent from the company.

5. No lighting, heating, cooking or other gas or electrical appliances of any kind are permitted within the equipment unless previous consent has been obtained from the company.

6. The hirer shall not light or allow to be lit any fire, candle or other naked flame within 3 metres of to the equipment without prior written consent from the company.

7. No smoking is permitted within 3 metres of the bell tent/s or the company's equipment.

8. No animals are allowed inside the tents without the prior written consent from the company.

9. The hirer agrees to keep any part of the equipment that is a tent completely closed and secure and in particular any door fastenings when not in use.

10. The hirer must follow the guidelines given by the company in respect of the hirer's conduct, safety and minimising damage to the equipment.

11. The hirer undertakes to behave in a proper, appropriate and legal manner, abide by campsite rules and respect other users of campsites and their property. Please keep noise levels to a minimum after 10:30pm, and amplfied music at a level not to disturb other guests and neighbours after 10pm. If the hirer behaves inappropriately, improperly or illegally the campsite reserves the right to ask the hirer and their party to leave the site before the end of the hire period. No compensation is available for any forfeited nights.

4. Loss and Damage

The hirer shall throughout the period of hire be responsible for the maintenance and safe custody of the equipment.

The hirer must be satisfied with all the equipment before use and should notify the company immediately if anything is not working, incorrect deliveries and unacceptable equipment before use. Failure to do so will be the responsibility of the hirer and NOT Forest Yurts Events Ltd.

The hirer shall cover the company against the full value of any loss, damage or excessive soiling howsoever caused, unless caused by negligence by the company.

Should the  hirer  be a hen party booking, a deposit of £300 will be taken with the final payment. Should the hirer not comply with the terms and conditions written here, the hirer shall forfeit the £300. Otherwise the terms and conditions compliance deposit will be returned within 7 days from the end of the hire.
You are liable for the full cost of any damage caused during the period of hire.

Website accuracy

Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the details in this website, including any promotional emails, are correct at time of being published, we cannot accept responsibility for errors contained therein or results thereof. We are not responsible to you for unforeseen events or matters over which we have no control.

We make every effort to describe the equipment as accurately as possible and to keep information up-to-date. Details are given in good faith and we cannot accept responsibility or liability for differences or for any disappointment caused where a guest has differing expectations to those detailed in the description.

The prices featured on the website are not binding. We reserve the right to modify these prices. The price stated at the time of confirmation is binding.

Online Booking

Please check all personal details at the time of booking. We cannot take responsibility for booking or personal detail errors. All address and contact information must be correct at the time of booking for a successful payment to be processed. In the event of an unsuccessful payment we reserve the right to cancel your booking if payment is not received within 7 working days.

All communications are sent via an automatic email server and rely on a valid email address being supplied. We cannot take responsibility for loss of communication e.g. booking confirmation emails etc if contact information is incorrect. We will make every effort to supply you with the relevant booking/payment confirmations.

Communicating with you

We carry out most communication with you by email. We’ll keep your details on record. We promise never to pass information on to other companies. We may email offers and updates about Forest Yurts Events a few times a year and we will remove you from our mailing list if you ask us to.


All payments need to be made in pounds sterling.

At the time of booking you can either:

Pay in full, including any extras you have requested. Or, as long as the start of your booking is more than one month away, you can opt to pay 50% of the full amount to secure the booking, and pay the balance four weeks in advance of your stay. We will send a reminder when the balance is due. Failure to pay the full balance by the due date may be treated as a cancellation.

Payment Options

You can pay for your booking by bank transfer or by credit card paid online. We will notify receipt of all payments, by email. A booking has not been made until a deposit has been paid.


If a payment has been made in error please contact Forest Yurts Events Ltd immediately by telephone on 01425 209999 or email us at info@forestyurts.com. Refunds will be made at the company's discretion.

If we have to close due to government restrictions regarding the coronavirus, we will re-book you at no cost on an available date that is agreeable to you, the hirer.

If you have to cancel, the following charges will be made:

0 – 13 days from booking start date 100% of accommodation cost

14 – 27 days from booking start date 75% of accommodation cost

28 – 42 days from booking start date 60% of accommodation cost

42 days or more from booking start date, we will refund any monies paid minus a £25 administration fee.

As with any holiday we suggest that you take out your own holiday insurance to cover any losses.

Exclusion of Liability

The company shall make every effort to complete the erection of the equipment on or before the set date shown on the booking form provided that the hirer has complied with the obligations shown above. If the equipment is not erected on or before the set up date shown on the booking form the hirer shall have the right to withdraw, and the company shall return all monies paid. If the equipment is not erected because of delays due to weather or other circumstances beyond its reasonable control, the company shall not be liable to pay further compensation to the hirer.

The company will take all reasonable care to avoid damage to the hirer's own equipment, but cannot be responsible for any loss suffered by the hirer in respect thereof other than as a result of the negligence of the company's employees, agents or contractors.

Force Majeure

Forest Yurts Events Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any booking where it is affected or prevented by reason of circumstances that amount to force majeure. 'Force Majeure' means any event that Forest Yurts Events Ltd could not, even with due care, have foreseen or avoided. Such circumstances include war, threat of war, civil strife, industrial action, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, foot and mouth disease, epidemics, and all other similar events outside of our control.


In the event that you have any complaint, please contact us immediately so that we can resolve any problem and we will make every reasonable effort to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Subject to these terms and conditions, the hirer shall wholly indemnify Forest Yurts Events Ltd in respect of all claims from any source at any time, where any injury or death to persons, damage to property, or loss or damage is caused by, or arises out of, the misuse of equipment by any person other than Forest Yurts Events Ltd or their employees.

Governing Law

This contract will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.